Volkswagen is Leading the Market in High-Tech Driving Technology

Volkswagen has been pioneering new automotive technology for decades, and they’re continuing this trend with their research and development for the Volkswagen Golf. This project involved testing and designing a brand-new cockpit for the vehicle. This new design, called “Innovision” takes advantage of digital technology to test the limits of existing voice-recognition tech.

The VW Golf is planned to reach the market with this revolutionary digitized driver’s experience. It’s crammed full of features that maximize driver safety, but it also includes other sorts of technology, such as infotainment and navigation systems, that make traveling around Arlington Heights easier even if you’re not driving.

One of the most prominent features of this new cockpit design is the 10-inch display mounted inside the dashboard. It’s named the “Discover Pro,” and it’s packed with information that is critically important for driving. The cockpit as a whole has the capability to display things like navigation information and vehicle speed. Other functions of the VW Golf have been digitized, and controls have been added to make controlling every aspect of the vehicle in Palatine even more convenient. The engineers added controls for the sunroof that can be tweaked and modified with a touchscreen slider.

If all the bells and whistles of touchscreen technology don’t pique your interest, the Golf also features advanced voice-recognition technology that Des Plaines drivers can use to bring up navigation information on the fly. It can parse the things you say to it and translate them into a computer command to bring up directions to a certain destination. It can also use this voice-recognition technology to control the climate inside the vehicle, and it can make and receive phone calls.

The touchscreen can even distinguish between different passengers in the car. This allows the computer to determine more specifically how it ought to respond to user input. Finally, it can save a set of user preferences on the cloud. This feature is particularly useful because user settings can be transferred between different models of the new and upcoming VW Golf.

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