VW's Crozz Concept Car is Challenging the Electric Vehicle Market

Engineers at Volkswagen have been pushing the envelope with some of their newest and most unique designs over the past few years. Their work on the Volkswagen Crozz has been exceptional, and we’re excited to learn more about the details and specifications of this unreleased concept vehicle. From what we can tell, the car’s strengths will lie in its high-tech cockpit design with integrated touchscreen technology.

Perhaps more importantly, the car will have some of the newest and most powerful electric hardware available, so the engineers will be working on minimizing the time it takes to charge and maximizing the distance it can go with a full battery.

VW Performance

According to Volkswagen, the VW Crozz ought to have the ability to reach over 100 miles per hour. Benchmarks like this are particularly important because some Mount Prospect customers feel less hesitant to purchase an electric vehicle if it doesn’t come with a decrease in power, performance, and top speed. The VW Crozz will work to minimize the differences in performance between fully electric vehicles and the more traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

In addition to this astonishing top speed, the engineers have cut down charging times to an extreme extent. In fact, it’s estimated that the battery will nearly be able to fully charge itself in under an hour.

Advanced Technology

Although the performance benchmarks are always exciting to read about, the Crozz will also feature augmented-reality technology that is built into the driver’s seat. There are plans to include a heads-up display. Potentially, a feature like this could be used to highlight the curvature of the road in Arlington Heights, remind you when it’s time to stop for a recharge, highlight dangers to give you more time to react, and highlight the speed limit automatically.

We suspect that this car will also have some of the most advanced autopilot technology that can do most of the driving for our Palatine customers. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for updates on this exciting new concept car from Volkswagen. In the meantime, search our inventory for the latest VW vehicles in the Des Plaines area.

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