The Golf GTI continues to be one of the most popular and affordable compact sedans on the road today. It is a favorite of Mount Prospect car buyers who look for a reliable vehicle for work, family, or personal driving. It remains one of the best sellers in the car industry.

From its inception, however, it has stood out from its competition, primarily because it's designed in part can be credited to one of the first female designers to work in the auto industry. Learn more about the new Volkswagen Golf GTI and try one out for size by coming to Napleton's Volkswagen today.

The Inception of the Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf GTI hit the market in 1976 and immediately took the world by storm. It actually did not look or drive much differently than the original Volkswagen Golf. However, it was the fact that a woman played a key role in its design that caught the attention of the media and car buyers everywhere in the Arlington Heights area.

To assist in the design and creation process, Volkswagen enlisted the help of German designer Gunhild Liljequist. At the time, she worked primarily as a porcelain painter and designer of chocolatier boxes. Still, she gladly took on the task of transforming an otherwise unassuming compact car into an affordable and exciting sports car that captured the mood of the era.

She admittedly liked to work with mainly black and white patterns. However, she understood the challenge that laid before her. Instead of choosing white or black, Liljequist chose the now iconic tartan Clark plaid to redesign the car's interior. She focused primarily on redoing the paint hues, trim and detailing. The result was a look that was admittedly simple yet more than ideal for the look for which the carmakers were aiming.

She also added a whimsical touch to the interior detailing of the Golf GTI. She chose a golf knob for the gear shift. She acknowledged that this addition was a last-minute decision but one that went on to influence the look of the car well into the 1980s.

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